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Good Networks Bring Lifelong Success

AlmaHub is a product developed and launched by BigStep Technologies Pvt. Ltd. BigStep Technologies is a full service software development company focused on creating remarkable web and mobile applications for clients across the globe. We’ve built online community building & e-com products, that are powering more than 6500 websites and more than 300 mobile apps. Our dedicated team of experts offer the experience you need to build a strong Alumni network and enable you explore plethora of opportunities. Our support team offers you continuous assistance to simplify the task of building and running a robust Alumni Network.

We at AlmaHub simplify the task of building and maintaining lifelong relationships amongst Alumnus. With our product you can easily handle all of your Alumni Community management needs and build a close knit network of Alumnus. Our efforts are targeted to encourage institutions to extend their reach and create multiple touch points for enhancing engagement and developing stronger Alumni Network.

Considering the challenges faced by institutions while organizing alumni meet, reunions and events; AlmaHub experts have developed a strong platform that encourages alumnus to connect, engage, share ideas / views and strengthen relationship within the community. Get a website and mobile application for your Alumni Association - And its all you need to keep your Alumni engaged and build an ultimate networking solution for them. We’ve the expertise for it.

Connect and Grow amongst Leading Network of Professionals.

So, you have it here. An increased affinity to your institution, reunions, regional gatherings - all manageable from an all-in-one Alumni Community Management & Networking Platform.

Want Us to Handle It All?

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