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AlmaHub | Get Answers to all your Community Building Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

  • Can AlmaHub be used in place of my current alumni website?

  • Of course! If you are already running an alumni website, you can easily add your existing design and layout to your AlmaHub-Powered website from the admin panel. The data from your existing alumni website can be easily imported using a spreadsheet file (.csv format).
  • Can I customise my AlmaHub website?

  • Yes, AlmaHub website is customisable at cost. Please contact the support team for a quote.
  • Do I need to own & set-up a separate hosting server for my AlmaHub website?

  • Not at all, AlmaHub website is hosted on a robust Amazon Cloud Server. It has been configured properly, making sure that the website runs smoothly and performs well. There is no need to set-up a separate server for hosting your AlmaHub website.
  • I'm not a technically skilled person and also don’t have any tech savvy team with me, can I still use AlmaHub for my online Alumni network?

  • 100% Yes, AlmaHub is very easy to set-up - you just need to signup, subscribe a plan, fill out a set-up form providing your preferences, and our team will setup your AlmaHub site . You don't require any technical skills to set-up & manage your AlmaHub website.
  • Support Related

  • Does my subscription include support also?

  • Yes, your subscription includes complimentary support via online ticketing system, just submit a support ticket and the support team will assist you resolve the reported issue.
  • What types of issues are covered with support?

  • The support team will assist with general and technical questions as well as any technical errors / bugs on your website.
  • How quickly can I expect a reply from support team?

  • The support team is available to help you through the online ticket based system. Be rest assured to hear from the support team in maximum of 24 hours from the time the support ticket is submitted.
  • Do you offer phone support?

  • Currently, we only offer support through a online ticket based system. This method is found to be the most efficient way to assist our customers since, it allows the reported issues to be tracked easily and relevant information to be on record for future reference.
  • How do I recover my account?

  • If you've forgotten the password of your account, click on "Forgot Password". You will be getting an automated email with a reset your password link on your registered email address. If you can no longer access the registered email address, please contact the support team.
  • Customization Questions

  • What are the available options for customisation on my AlmaHub website?

  • You can customise the themes and templates from the admin panel of your website. However, please check our default designs and layouts which we have built to suit your requirements.
  • Do I get complete source code access with AlmaHub?

  • Not quite, but close. You have full access to your HTML / CSS frontend so that you can easily make the desired changes to the design / layout of your website.
  • Technical Questions

  • Are multiple languages supported?

  • The default language of AlmaHub is English. You can choose and set any of the available languages from the “Language Manager” section in the admin panel of your website. Alternatively, your visitors can also use Google Translate to view your site in their preferred language.
  • Can users sign-up / sign in using their Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter account?

  • In addition to the email based login, AlmaHub also provides the users to sign-up / sign in using their social media account. We've got Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter social sign-in well integrated with the platform. The members can also publish their posts on these social networking sites right from your alumni community page.
  • Can I remove "Powered By AlmaHub" text in the footer?

  • Absolutely yes, we don't charge you a penny to remove the branding “Powered by AlmaHub”. This can be done by customising your website footer through the admin panel. That being said, if you would like to support AlmaHub and help us gain popularity, we would really appreciate if the branding stays there.
  • Sales Questions

  • Do I need to buy a separate domain?

  • No, you need not buy a separate domain for hosting your AlmaHub Website. By default your website is hosted on a subdomain of AlmaHub.com. However, if you are looking for a custom domain for your AlmaHub website, please choose premium or pro plan.
  • Can I unsubscribe without any hassle?

  • Yes, you can unsubscribe the chosen plan anytime from your account. Please read the “Refund Policy” before you unsubscribe. In case you have any queries, please get in touch with the support team.
  • I have a group of colleges, can I create alumni community for each one of them?

  • Yes, you can create separate alumni community for each one of them. Contact the support team and they'll help you create additional subscriptions for setting up individual Alumni Community for each of the colleges separately.
  • I have a group of institutions, can I use one alumni website for all of them ?

  • Yes, AlmaHub supports creation of a unified Alumni website for a group of institutions. Your alumni from different institutions belonging to a group / university can collaborate with each other using this unified platform..
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